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Think Before It : Juicing & Blending

My friends always asked what is the difference of juicing and blending, they thought that it was same things but actually it’s not. As a guy who loves cooking stuff, I want to talk about drink things. It is the difference juicing and blending, what are the pros and cons, and which one is better to use.

I’m not the type who like sweet things, I prefer something bitter and dark like coffee. But because this topic little bit interesting and many people talk a lot about this so I try to make a fruit with juicer and blender which I use rarely.


What is Juicing actually?

Juicing is steps of extracting water and elements of fruits or vegetables.
If you are juicing manually with your hands or without using juicer of course it’s tiring. But when you use a juice it make your process of juicing easier.
The way I like when juicing is when I combine fruits with veggies. Because you can get a lot of nutritions in one glass and you will feel healthy when you drink it (I feel that too LOL). But not all of fruit can be mixed with vegetable. I suggest you use apple or orange when you want to make juice fruit & veggies (usually the vegetables are carrot, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, etc.)
But the thing I don’t like when juicing is it takes time to make some juice. It is so tiring and of course you will don’t like it when you want to have a quick meal in the morning. Also, when juicing it need a lot of sugar, it is usually do by someone who like sweet things. When they juicing they add 5 more of sugar spoons, for them that’s normal but the other side that’s not good for health and may cause diabetes or obesity. For me, I usually don’t add sugar or just add only 1-2 sugar spoons.

Then what about blending?

This usually called a “smoothie”, my girlfriend likes drink this thing. What I see, the texture is more “smooth” just like its name. To be honest, I like the texture of blended drink than the juicing. It is good when  you use smoothie with fruits, but when you use vegetables or people usually called ‘green smoothie’ which used for diet, I say nah for that. When you blending something, you still can taste the pulp of fruits or vegetables that you made. This also can make your hunger fuller and longer.

Unlike juicing, blending is a little bit difficult when you want to make delicious combo and its sometimes need some water to make the smoothie thicker. The skin and seeds must be peeled when you want to blend something. What I can say is you can’t just make smoothie randomly. You must pay attention the ingredients and the nutritions first.

My suggestions for you when juicing and blending

Like I said before,  you can’t just add any fruits to combine with vegetables. Choose the fruit that may be good to be mixed with vegetables. For example, apple and orange. But I think it depends of your taste, and I’m sure out there is someone use watermelon or durian. Yeah I don’t know, but choose wisely if you want stay healthy.

If you think your smoothie or juice is too much in one glass and you want drink it late, I suggest you to make with your right dose. So you don’t always drink in full glass. Because after 15 minutes, the air and light will damage much of the nutrients inside the smoothie or juice.

My opinion about this : Blending is better.

You may check on : http://www.blenderversus.com/juicing-vs-blending/



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